Thursday, May 26, 2016

DOOM Denuvo Crack [DuKEN] (Working 5/26/16)

[TITLE]                    DOOM
[PLATFORM]          Microsoft Windows
[RELEASE DATE]  5/13/16
[PROTECTIONS]    Denuvo Anti-Tamper v2
[GROUP]                 DuKEN

Doom begins on a Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) research facility on Mars. Under the guidance of facility director Samuel Hayden, who transferred his consciousness into an android shell after being diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, the UAC has been able to channel the energy from Hell into a renewable power source called Argent energy, solving an energy crisis on Earth. This was achieved through the construction of an Argent Tower, which not only harnesses the energy but also serves as a portal directly to Hell. Hayden has already used the portal to perform expeditions into Hell, and capture and perform research on demons.

Doom Denuvo Crack

The Denuvo v2 hardware cycles have all been cracked. Some have reported crashing issues with AMD processors but no official word on if that is related to the crack.

DOOM Denuvo Crack Installation
  1. Download the crack from here or using the button below.
  2. Point the setup towards the folder you installed DOOM to
  3. Disable your network adapter
  4. Start the game
  5. If all is well, go ahead and re-enable your internet adapter.
This crack is unable to connect to the game's multiplayer servers, but single player has no issues.

DOOM Denuvo Crack Download

download doom denuvo crack

More About the DOOM Denuvo Crack
Denuvo is a brand new anti-piracy system that has been really hard to crack as of late. It works by encrypting the game files and checking the integrity of the game files as it runs to ensure that nothing has been modified in the game. Since most game cracks require an exe file to be modified, this is a huge issue for crackers. And to top things off, the checksum system that is in place for the Denuvo system is different on every system.

In order to produce a working crack, crackers have to find the right paths in the disassembly for each processor, and from there determine how the protection checks the game files. Then, the checks need to be disabled by modifying the existing game code. Since this is such a huge issue, it can take a very long time to produce a working crack.

Cracking team DuKEN has managed to bypass the Denuvo DRM on DOOM for PC, and they are sharing their work with the rest of the world. 

This crack is a successful dump of the decrypted code found in the EXE. In order for the game's EXE to be dumped, DuKEN needed to disable all Denuvo checks and run a script that would call all methods within the game. Then, he attached in with a memory editor and dumped the decrypted code as it ran. This took quite a lot of trial and error from what we hear, but the EXE works exactly as it should, minus the limited multiplayer functionality.